What Happens When You Are Referred to A Pain Clinic?

What Happens When You Are Referred to A Pain Clinic?

If you haven’t been able to find relief from chronic pain, it might be time to talk to a pain management clinic for support. But some patients feel anxious or worried about visiting another medical professional.

The truth is that your experience will be quite different when you choose pain management services instead of working with a general practitioner.

A general doctor has limited resources and knowledge to help with chronic pain conditions. On the other hand, a pain management specialist at a pain management clinic understands the nuances of ongoing pain and can provide unique treatments you can’t find anywhere else.

So, visiting a pain management clinic can be an excellent next step to help you find the answers you seek. Instead of feeling hopeless about treatments that aren’t working, you can find solutions that get you back on track so you can start feeling better and return to your everyday life activities once again.

The Differences: Pain Management Clinics vs. General Medical Care

You already know what to expect when you visit a primary care physician. Often, the doctor only has 10 or 15 minutes to consult with you and discuss symptoms before they need to head to the next appointment. So, it’s common to write a quick prescription and then send you on your way.

The problem is that primary care providers work with many different health conditions. They have a general understanding of treating a range of symptoms but limited knowledge of in-depth care or chronic pain.

On the other hand, patients receive in-depth support when working with a pain management specialist. Not only does our pain management team dedicate the time and attention you deserve, but we are proactive about identifying an accurate diagnosis to determine the ideal treatment plan for your unique needs.

Additionally, pain management involves support from multiple providers. Our team offers comprehensive care to patients, giving you one convenient location for everything you need.

We start with diagnostics to identify the underlying issues contributing to the pain responses. When we know the root cause, it’s easier to create a treatment plan that works. Throughout this process, we partner with each patient to provide hands-on support every step of the way.

Two Priorities for Pain Management

Not only do you receive a personalized treatment plan, but we offer ongoing adjustments based on your unique needs going forward. Our goal is to help you find immediate relief and long-term results so you can experience a full and thriving lifestyle.

The immediate goal is to alleviate pain as soon as possible. Not only will you feel better, but this fast pain relief will help you engage in other treatments that can provide longer-term results.

Then, we are proactive about helping you find the solutions that will improve the outcome in the future. Treating the pain is the first step, but preventing pain is the ultimate goal.

Can Your Pain Be Cured?

There are times when conditions are incurable. It can be frustrating to know that your health condition could remain for the rest of your life.

But just because you have this type of diagnosis doesn’t mean you should feel hopeless about the future. The truth is that pain management can help you gain control over your life again. You can start feeling better and find ways to manage the symptoms so that you can thrive in all areas of your life: relationships, career, social, family, and more.

Even if there isn’t a cure for your pain, treatments are available to help you achieve the relief that you desire. The goal is to improve the quality of life as much as possible. You’ll find that your function and movement improve in all daily activities.

What Happens When You Are Referred to A Pain Clinic?

How does it work when you visit a pain management clinic for the first time? Initially, we will schedule a consultation so you can meet with a specialist to discuss your condition and identify the underlying cause of your symptoms.

We follow a specific approach to learn more about your unique situation and create an effective treatment plan.

  • Diagnosis: Achieving an accurate diagnosis is the foundation of an effective treatment plan. When we can identify the root cause, the doctor has more information to choose the treatments that will provide the best results.
  • Treatment: Next, immediate treatment is implemented to help you achieve results as quickly as possible. Options include medications, injections, and electrical nerve stimulation to reduce pain levels and help you cope with the situation.
  • Ongoing Goals: Initial treatment provides immediate relief, then it’s time to move on to the ongoing services that will create the results you need in the future.
  • Personalized Adjustments: While the hope is that you achieve results right away, there are times when treatment plans need to be adjusted. We proactively make changes as needed, ensuring the ideal treatment plan matches your personalized needs.

How to Get a Referral to a Pain Management Clinic

First, remember you don’t need a doctor’s referral to visit a pain management clinic. However, you may get a referral to a pain clinic when a general physician can see that you aren’t achieving the desired results, they will likely refer you to a pain management clinic.

Often, this referral is to see an internal specialist or orthopedic specialist, depending on the type of pain you are experiencing. While these specialists can help with specific treatments related to the physical issues that need to be addressed, sometimes the doctors don’t have the ability to alleviate your pain.

So, there are often situations when it’s necessary to consult with a pain management specialist in addition to your other specialist. You can combine services and treatments to find the ideal solutions that help you return to a normal lifestyle once again.

Even if you don’t have a referral from your primary care provider, there are also options to seek pain management clinics on your own. If you are tired of living with chronic pain, we invite you to reach out to our clinic at your convenience.

You can always schedule an appointment directly by contacting our office. We will schedule a consultation and answer your questions about available treatments, insurance coverage, and more.

Call an Experienced Pain Management Clinic

You deserve to find answers and treatments for your chronic pain. If you are ready for results that work, reach out to our clinic to learn more about how we can help.

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